Successful Promotion of Elcometer Blast Equipment In South America

July 1, 2021

The Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines have been sold around the world to give the end-user a safer, more reliable and cost-effective method of completing their blast job.

Following an explanation of the efficiency, ease of use and robust nature of the Elcometer Blast kits by the Elcometer Technical Sales team, our distributors in Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia, (APV and E and E Equipment), have been successful in promoting the Elcometer Abrasive blast machines in the South American market over the cheaper, locally manufactured pots and other importers.

The Elcometer blast pots offer several benefits over other manufacturers, first and foremost being safety. The Elcometer pot is fitted with many safety features including construction from thicker sheet metal, safety cut off valves and a safety certificate well in excess of its normal working pressure - ensuring a safe working tool in the blast environment.

Elcometer also offer a full range of personal safety equipment which has also been sold into these countries. These are designed to give added comfort and usability for the blast operative which promotes greater efficiency.

Fitted with precision valves, the airflow and the abrasive media feed can be optimized to achieve the exact air pressure and media at the nozzle and can be adjusted to allow larger nozzle sizes whilst maintaining airflow to maximise coverage and reduce blast time, saving time, media costs and clean-up costs.

By using high quality, engineered components the system has been designed to achieve no pressure loss from compressor to nozzle. With no air leaks every CFM from the compressor is used, meaning no wasted fuel costs.

Ensuring no pressure loss also means that hoses can be longer and the pot can be positioned further away from the area to be blasted, this is particularly important when blasting inaccessible areas such as bridges, a distinct advantage of the Elcometer pot over competitive pots. With many of the blast jobs being in remote areas of the country where mining, bridges and construction sites are located the increased reliability of the Elcometer pot has proven its worth. 

The culmination of higher efficiency from the compressor, larger blast coverage from the nozzle and reduction in the time spent blasting, labour costs are also reduced.

The South American market has recognised the value associated with the Elcometer Blast machine offering lower overall running costs, allowing the initial extra purchase costs to be paid back in a minimal period of time, after which the full benefits can be taken for years into the future.