Dakota Firmware Upgrades

Welcome to the Dakota firmware upgrade area. The downloads listed below include both bug fixes and product enhancements. Feel free to contact Dakota with any questions you may have regarding the upgrade process.

Corrosion Thickness Gauges

Dakota MMX-7 Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Dakota MVX Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Dakota CMX Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Flaw Detectors

Dakota DFX-7 Flaw Detector

Dakota DFX-8 Flaw Detector

Precision Thickness Gauges

Dakota PVX-B Precision Thickness Gauge

Dakota PVX Precision Thickness Gauge

Speciality Gauges

Dakota HPX High Penetration Thickness Gauge

Dakota UMX-2 Underwater Corrosion Thickness Gauge

Dakota PR-8V Sonic Tester

Bolt Tension Monitors

Dakota MiniMax Bolt Tension Monitor

Dakota Max II Bolt Tension Monitor