Coatings on Composite Aircraft Nose Cones

January 31, 2022

Coating thickness measurements on composite substrates are notoriously difficult to inspect by conventional dry film thickness (DFT) gauges as traditional DFT gauges require a metallic substrate.

Ultrasonic NDT testing, however, does not require a metallic substrate - making it a uniquely suitable solution for measuring coating thickness on composite substrates - such as nose cones.

When an aircraft maintenance facility approached Elcometer's South African distributor, BAMR, with their requirement to measure the coating thickness on the composite nose cones of their aircraft, the team were able to provide the Elcometer PTG Precision Thickness Gauge as an accurate and reliable solution.

Mark Terblanche, Anoesjka Grundel and Graham Duk from BAMR all visited the facility to demonstrate how the Elcometer PTG worked. The skills and knowledge of the BAMR team along with the advantages of having their Sales Demonstration Kit helped to evaluate the requirement on-site and secure the sale.

Next time you need to measure coatings on composite materials, make sure you consider the Elcometer PTG Thickness Gauge.